Five Fundamentals For Every Landing Page

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If you’re online, you have a landing page.  A landing page is a page where people first visit your site from. The traffic can be either paid or organic. Either way, find out what your visitors are looking for and give them it in a tailored and clever way. While your at it, make sure your landing page has the following five fundamentals on it:

1. Deliver What You Promised

If someone searched for “cheap cat hats” then make sure you have something on the landing page that can either a. direct them to somewhere where they can find more information on a cheap cat hat, or b. information on the page relevant to cheap cat hats. The more specific to the audience, the better, obviously.

2. Testimonials

Riding on the coattails of the cheap cat hat theme. Get a quote from a user. “I found the cheapest cat hat I could find! Thanks Donovan!” Would be a great example.

3. Credibility

If you’ve had media coverage, use the logo of the media outlet, if another site talked about you, use their logo with their testimonial as in point 2.

4. Hierarchy of Scale

A classical art technique used by the ancients to show the level of authority someone had was to portray them larger in either a sculpture or painting.  Eg. The Paraoh would be the largest, the peasant the smallest.

Use this principle in your landing page design. Put the most relevant things to the visitor in order…

A possible order would be:

1. Headline: The Best Place for Cheap Cat Hats Below!

2. Testimonial: Awesome cheap cat hat finder Donovan! Thanks for the help! – Mark

3. Body: Cheap cat hats are hard to find online… I’ve searched everywhere and compiled the information here.

4. Call To Action: Click here to find cheap cat hats instantly!

The structure can be any order, and it’s layout varies. Test them for best results particular to your niche.

5. Call To Action

Like JR Farr stated on his blog:

Have a compelling call to action: Once you do all of this work to get people to your site via better search traffic, make sure you offer them something compelling to do once they get there. This is often referred to by marketers as a “call to action,” and your site needs one. So, make sure you make it clear to visitors what you most want them to do once they reach your site. Then, make that call-to-action so compelling that they will not be able to resist taking it.

By using these five fundamentals on your landing page, you’re guaranteed a better conversion rate.

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